🤔 What makes cryptocurrency staking the new black in the universe of digital finance?

🤔 Cryptocurrency staking seems to be the next long-term trend in decentralized finance, accompanied by the Proof of Stake algorithm and forging instead of mining. It is claimed to have a lot more advantages than the mining process followed by Proof of Work — also, Ethereum 2.0 will use this technology in its core.

The important lesson for many traders and investors is that staking is a method of receiving income for holding specific coins. Even if you’re simply trying to earn some staking rewards, it’s helpful to know how and why things operate the way they do.

💼 A fresh article, “What is cryptocurrency staking”, on the Stobox blog, will paint a whole picture of what this procedure is, how it is possible from the technical point of view, and why the crypto community relies big hopes on staking crypto.

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