What are NFTs and what can you do with them today?

🧐 The NFT technology was introduced in 2017 but only got into hype 4 years later. Even though 6 months ago, in the spring of 2021, the Non-Fungible Token became widely known and seemed disruptive at the time, it becomes more and more complicated to jump on an unusual NFT case every day.

📰 In public discourse, NFTs primarily came off as a way for digital creators to eventually draw a line between an original and a reproduction, having a chance to sell their piece for a fair price, which of course brought an enormous empowering value to the global community. An interesting aspect about NFT’s is how this is not all it has to offer.

🔎 Our new article “Digital art, business ecosystem gamification, and football cards: NFT and its best practices explained’’ will tell you more about what problem does NFT solve in a digital age, what unusual use cases are out there, and what awaits the non-fungible token in the nearest future.

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