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🤓 Read the Latest Digest of news from Cointelegraph, Tokenist, Securities.io, and other Tier-1 financial media.

📣 There’s a New Sheriff In Town

Jonah Schulman, Head of Communications at Security Token Market, reflects on hiring new CEO and ATS within the industry.

📣 SEC Planning To Raise Accredited Investor Income and Net Worth Qualification Thresholds

Securities and Exchange commission ties up new changes to an anticipated inflation.5

📣 Microsoft wins US patent for ‘ledger-independent token service’

Microsoft’s new gadget is intended to allow developers to create blockchain-agnostic code for token management.

📣 ‘Don’t kill crypto’ billboard goes up in Alabama in advance of House tackling infrastructure

“We want members of Congress to know that we’ll be watching them and that we won’t let them hide from their positions on this,” said Evan Greer.

📣 US Air Force prioritizes blockchain security with new Constellation Network contract

The United States Air Force will use Constellation’s Hypergraph Network to provide data security to the Department of Defense’s commercial partners as part of a blockchain-based project.

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