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Akemona Announces That Its Tokenization Platform Is Live
The first SEC-registered, FINRA-member crowdfunding platform Akemona that allows businesses to raise capital by offering and selling blockchain tokens, has launched its platform.

ABC Tokens Launches Capital Raise and Gives International Investors Access to US Commercial Real Estate
ABC Tokens is conducting a Regulation S offering to raise money from overseas investors to invest in commercial real estate in the United States.

US lawmakers introduce bill to ‘fix’ crypto reporting requirement from infrastructure law
A bipartisan group of US politicians has submitted legislation to modify the tax reporting requirements that will take effect as a result of the recently approved infrastructure package.

Terramint has launched the first-ever fully accessible Defi real estate tokenization platform
Terramint, a real estate tokenization provider, has launched a platform featuring a Blockcsquare infrastructure.

Greenpro’s CryptoSX Lands Historic Billion Dollars Security Token Offering
Greenpro Capital Corp. announced its CryptoSX Digital Asset Exchange had been selected by Dignity Corporation as its listing and trading platform for DIGau Security Token.

Valkyrie announces $100 million DeFi fund across blockchains like Avalanche and Solana
Valkyrie Investments has announced the launch of a $100 million DeFi fund aimed at institutional investors that want to become involved in the expanding decentralized finance industry.

$FLUID Equity Token Launch on SushiSwap
On the Arbitrum Network, Fluid Finance will commence trading of its $FLUID equity token with the first pool at SushiSwap.

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