The future of cash: Stablecoins vs. CBDC

🏦 Back in 2009, the emergence of Bitcoin turned out to be a revolution in the realm of finance. While electronic payments were also gaining momentum in the 2010s, decentralized finance started to arise as well: starting 2017, we have security tokens and even the prototypes of NFT.

📣 However, it’s not Bitcoin, commodities, or stocks an average person deals with in their everyday routine — it’s cash. Of course, the development of blockchain technologies couldn’t influence traditional finance and fiat currency. The products emerging from the idea of combining the national currency and blockchain technologies are more commonly known as stablecoins and CBDCs.

🔎 Will CBDC and stablecoins become the next cash? What is the difference between them, and what is more likely to be massively adopted? Read our newest article, “The future of cash: Stablecoins vs. CBDC,” to find out.