Successful STO: step-by-step guide

Security Token Offerings are a disruptive financial tool: this is a value that the DeFi community, as well as every member of the Stobox team, professes. A finely conducted STO makes a business ten times more attractive for investors, brings liquidity, and generally enhances the company’s image, as it contributes to a more modern appeal.

On top of that, STO is also considered to be easier and cheaper than its traditional finance trixter ― an Initial Public Offering. While taking a company to an IPO takes millions of dollars and doesn’t necessarily promise success, conducting an STO is not only cheaper but also fully compliant with your company’s needs and goals.

Still, the way security token offerings are conducted is not such common knowledge, and the benefits of this solution are not broadcasted to a broad public just yet.

In our newest article, “Successful STO: step-by-step guide”, read about the detailed process of conducting a security token offering brought to you by insightful Stobox soldiers from the tier-one tokenization squad.

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