Stobox Weekly Report 52 (28.12–03.01)

2 min readJan 5, 2021


Technical Development

  • Stobox DS Dashboard:
    QA Testing Dashboard for Stobox Technologies Inc. Security Token Offering
  • Stobox DS Swap:
    Legal research on secondary transfers of securities via liquidity pools
    - Development of technical specifications. Development planning

Analytics & Business Documentation

  • Researched notification requirements for exempted offerings in the EU;
  • Researched the private placement regime in the APAC countries;

Business Development & Sales

  • New projects in the pipeline:
    - Cannabis company from the US;
    - Real Estate developer from Bali;
  • Selected 4 blockchain associations for potential cooperation;
  • Received 7 requests on the Stobox website;
  • Conducted 3 calls with potential partners and clients.


  • Published an article about the transformation of the crypto industry on the TOP-1 blockchain media — Cointelegraph;
  • Announced cooperation with Amazing Blocks on the Tier-1 blockchain Media from Germany BTC-echo;
  • Recorded 4 new videos for Stobox YouTube channel in a professional studio;
  • Researched hashtags for the Youtube channel to improve SEO optimization;
  • Created new Stobox background images for social media;
  • Delivered the New Year mailing campaign within the Stobox contact base;
  • Posted a Stobox Insights video by Borys Pikalov;
  • Stobox website updates:
  • Created a website home page in Angular;
  • Published comments to 2 pieces of news and 2 quotes from the DAIC on social media.

Legal and Finance

  • Finalized a partnership agreement with a sales agent from Cyprus;
  • Conducted 80% of research on the best jurisdictions for operations of blockchain companies.




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