Technical Development

  • Stobox DS Dashboard:
    - Customization of the dashboard to launch Stobox STO. Stobox STO to be released on Week 51.
    - QA main Web3 integration.
    - Deployment of Stobox Securities Smart Contract v.1.1
  • Stobox Exchange:
    - User registration to be released on production Week 51
    - Back-end:
    - Microservice architecture development

Analytics & Business Documentation

Business Development & Sales

  • New projects in the pipeline:
    - Investment Fund from Liechtenstein;
    - Real Estate company from the US;
  • Participated in an online meeting of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine to discuss with other contributors further steps of creating blockchain legislation;
  • Received 3 requests on the Stobox website;
  • Received 3 leads from LinkedIn;
  • Conducted 4 calls with potential partners and clients.


  • Published updated Stobox tokenomics;
  • Published Stobox Insights video by Borys Pikalov;
  • Conducted and advertising campaign of Stobox Insights video on Google and LinkedIn;
  • Conduct influencers research that can help broadcast about the Stobox project;
  • Created a draft of an article about the Stobox dual token model for Tier-1 crypto-media;
  • Created a new YouTube strategy 2.0;
  • Created a new Content Marketing Strategy 2.0;
  • Stobox website update
    Created a UX of a new Stobox website home page;
    Created a Tokenization consulting copyrights 1.0
  • Recorded a Stobox Interview with Nicolas Weber (Business Development, Sales Manager, Project Lead at Amazing Blocks);
  • Invited Steve Tendon and Florian Ducommun to Stobox Interviews;
  • Published comments to 3 pieces of news and 4 quotes from the DAIC on social media.

Stobox Digital Assets Investment Conference:

  • Posted last 3 videos from the DAIC on the Stobox YouTube channel;
  • Сunduct a mailing campaign to DAIC speakers to repost their speeches.

Legal and Finance

  • Provided Legal Management Support for a Real Estate company from Switzerland;
  • Engaged a contractor for the apostelization process;
  • Researched last PPMs;
  • Created an agreement for STO provider from Liechtenstein;
  • Revised payment receipt for Stobox Dashboard;
  • Revised STPA for Stobox Dashboard;
  • Conduct research of best practices of KYC/AML policies with FATF recommendations.



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Stobox Tokenization

Stobox Tokenization

Compliant fundraising solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, investment funds, and real estate developers from an award-winning company.