Stobox Weekly Report 49 (07.12–13.12)

Technical Development

  • Stobox DS Dashboard v.1.0:
    – Refactoring UX for Investor/Corporate Dashboard;
    – Dashboard Mobile UX Development;
    – Setting up onboarding processes: automatic emails, error-reporting, security issues, etc.
  • Stobox Exchange v.1.0:
    – Back-end Development.
  • Burned 90% of STBU — From 1B to 100M.
  • Increased Liquidity Pool on UniSwap, $400k added + Locked!

Analytics & Business Documentation

  • Conducted research on transfer agent requirements for secondary market;
  • Conducted research of legal requirements of UniSwap for Digital securities;
  • Conducted 20% of research of Asian legislation landscape;
  • Conducted research about trading under Rule 144 vs Section 4a1 of the US Securities Act 1933.

Business Development & Sales

  • New projects in the pipeline:
    – Cryptomining farm from Georgia;
    – African real estate infrastructure;
    – Investor-grade brokerage for real estate professionals;
  • Contacted potential legal partners in UAE — KARM Legal.
  • Received 8 requests on the Stobox website;
  • Received 2 leads from LinkedIn;
  • Conducted 5 calls with potential partners and clients.


  • Published an article about Digital Assets in Europe on Tier-1 blockchain media;
  • Announced a burning of STBU token;
  • Published Stobox Insights video by Borys Pikalov;
  • Created an article for the Ministry of Transformation of Ukraine to educate local businesses about opportunities of the real estate tokenization;
  • Started the process of creating a new Stobox website:
    – Created a Home Page copyrights 1.0;
    – Created a Home Page design 1.0;
  • Created a new YouTube strategy 1.1;
  • Created a new Content Marketing Strategy 1.1;
  • Recorded and published a Stobox Interview with Maureen Murat (Attorney-Advisor at DC Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking (DISB) USA) on Stobox YouTube channel;
  • Published comments to 4 pieces of news and 2 quotes from the DAIC on social media.

Stobox Digital Assets Investment Conference:

Legal and Finance

  • Contacted Estonian Lawyers for information on taxation issues;
  • Signed an NDA with a Marketing Advisor;
  • Created a Work of Acceptance for contractors;
  • Finalized an agreement with STO provider from Liechtenstein;
  • Researched a contractor for the apostelization process;
  • Created a new Agreement with potential Stobox employees;
  • Started a process of researching KYC-check requirements: FATF, AML, and KYC.



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