Technical Development

  • Stobox DS Dashboard v.1.0:
    - Completed Stobox Front-End Cabinet v.4.3;
    - Added Secondary Market Functionality;
  • Stobox Exchange v.1.0:
    - Front-end Development v.0.9
  • Completed and Tested Stobox NFT Smart-Contract.

Analytics & Business Documentation

  • Conducted research on token classification;
  • Conducted research of legal requirements for securities transactions in CIS countries;
  • Started research of legal rules of decentralized securities trading;
  • Started research of transfer agent requirements.

Business Development & Sales

  • New Projects in the pipeline:
    - STO provider from Liechtenstein which is looking for Legal support for their clients in the US. We could also collaborate in marketing activities and contribute to the industry to leverage awareness about digital assets;
    - A private equity company from Africa;
  • Prepared an Offer-Presentation for the potential client (Tier-1 Bank from CIS Countries);
  • Started the process of lead-generation of real-estate companies;
  • Received 2 requests on the Stobox website (Demo request and Contact Us form);
  • Conducted 4 calls with potential partners and clients.


Stobox Digital Assets Investment Conference:

  • Created intro 3D preview for all videos.

Legal and Finance

  • Finalized an NDA for a Marketing Advisor;
  • Finalized a Partnership Offer with the potential Sales Agent;
  • Amended and sent the contractors the act of acceptance regarding smart contract development for review;
  • Conducted research on the issue with the taxation of natural person’s income in the USA;
  • Started working on the SaaS Agreement for the DS Dashboard.



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