Stobox Weekly Report 44/2020

3 min readNov 10, 2020


Technical Development

  • Stobox DS Dashboard:
    – Refactoring Individual Investor Profile and Stobox Corporate Dashboard;
    – Updated Tables structure and Purchase Security Tokens flow;
    – Dashboard of Individual Investor (v. 3.4);
    – Stobox Corporate Cabinet (v. 0.9).
  • Completed Stobox (STBX) smart-contract for Securities Tokens.

Analytics & Business Documentation

  • Completed a consulting report for a Real Estate company from Switzerland;
  • Created Stobox Technical Documentation of the Digitial Securities Dashboard (v 1.1);
  • Completed 80% of the PPM for the Fintech Incubator from the UK;
  • Completed 95% of the PPM for Stobox Securities Offering;

Business Development & Sales

  • New Projects in the pipeline:
    – Real Estate company from Switzerland;
    – Real Estate company from Cyprus;
    – TOP-3 Real Estate company from Ukraine;
    – Consumer Defensive company from Denmark;
  • Received 12 requests on the Stobox website (investors);
  • Received 1 request on the Stobox website (demo);
  • Received 5 requests from Stobox email;
  • Conducted 4 calls with potential partners and clients;
  • Created an offer for the Consumer Defensive company from Denmark;
  • Created an offer for the potential Partner from Greece.


Stobox Digital Assets Investment Conference:

Legal and Finance

  • Signed a Partnership agreement with the Cayman Islands lawyers;
  • Created Stobox Articles about the Incorporation 2.0;
  • Created an annex of the agreement for the Real Estate company from Switzerland + received a payment;
  • Revised an agreement with a technical partner company of blockchain solutions development, TOP-3 in Ukraine;
  • Communicated with the Georgian lawyers about the terms of incorporation;
  • Researched a package of documents of incorporated US company;
  • Created Stockholder Consent — Election of Directors document;
  • Checked Stobox Business Plan copyrights.




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