Dear Stoboxians,

Have a great week!

As you may follow we are working on 2 products: DS Dashboard with the secondary market (DS Swap) capabilities, and Stobox Crypto Exchange. Last week, our focus was on the development of the Dashboard and DS Swap, especially the Smart Contract for Digital Securities. Here is an example of the contract that we have developed. It’s a demo even though it’s on the Main Net:

As you can see, there is a set of special functions implemented that allow corporate enforcements and control over the turnover of the company’s tokenized securities. The sad part about smart contracts at this point is that we cannot alter them after they have been deployed. Thus forcing us to implement and test as many functions as our clients seek to use when managing their security tokens. For example, we have identified that amount of secondary trades can be used as one of the criteria for creation of pricing plans. I.e. if an investor uses Dashboard for a random buy/sell of his stake in a specific company, it’s different from traders who use secondary market on a daily basis. To implement this simple trade counting mechanism, we again need to alter the smart contract. The good news is that we are one of the few teams in the world that had started to use DEX for securities operations. There is so much potential in it for regular small enterprise worldwide!

We have started to run demo calls for close-up contacts in our community: partners, influencers, re-sellers, and tech gigs. We are receiving valuable feedback and make sure all valuable recommendations are implemented.

Last week, in terms of business development and sales we have:

Moreover, we are working on the preparation of sales and operational material for the Dashboard and tokenization services. Even though our products may seem simple to use for advanced tech users, a regular financial manager or an accountant, who now will be in charge of dealing with companies securities, may find it difficult to operate. Therefore we create documentation and simple to digest functionality and flow lists.

In terms of marketing activities, last week we:

Marketing wise, we are focused on the following activities:

We are continuing to build our expertise to provide the best service to the clients and use digital assets rights. We consider it a huge problem that many crypto projects are neglecting legal nuances, which will lead to problems and enforcement actions against them in the long run.

During the last week, we conducted research regarding:

Our analytics work is also powering up sales. The DS Swap allows companies to provide liquidity to shareholders cheaper compared to centralized alternatives. We are examining these costs to provide a specific image to our clients of how much they will save.

Lastly, we continue to do the most important job of the analytics department — serving our clients. We finalized the feasibility assessment report for the mining firm from Georgia and gathered requirements for the next scopes of consulting services.

Even though we are experiencing some delays and our plans are adjusted to real-life obstacles, we receive great support from our community, clients, and partners. Some of you are concerned about the current STBU price, but please look at it from a mid-long-term perspective. Here is a good article by Forbes about Security Tokens in 2021.

If you have any questions about Stobox plans or progress — please write to me or in our group chats.

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