Stobox Weekly Report 02 (11.01–17.01)

3 min readJan 19, 2021


Dear Stoboxians,

Last week‘s tempo pushed us to a new boundary. If we continue at this speed, will be in the Fortune 500 faster than we expect 😉 Look for yourself…

Smart contracts for security tokens differ from traditional ones used for utility tokens. There are comprehensive rules that control whitelisting, limits, investor rights, and so on. Such limitations are critically important when dealing with digital securities. However, they put certain barriers when dealing with Liquidity Pools. But not anymore. We have successfully integrated our smart contracts into Uniswap and Balancer and now are testing it to make sure that the Swap for digital securities operates correctly. What does it mean for regular business owners? You can transfer your equity into a tokenized form and get access to the secondary market in a regulated, complaint form. Stobox includes all the regulatory limitations into the chain and makes sure secondary transactions are legally valid.

Screen Example from DS Swap

Besides that, we continue our routine tasks on delivery of the Dashboard for the Stobox STO, testing back-end infrastructure to continue the development of Stobox Exchange. Last, but not least, prior to public launch — we are refactoring our Website. The picture below demonstrates how we structure our products and services.

Concurrently with the product development, we research multiple revenue models for Dashboard and securities-related services. Competitive pricing plans and exceptional delivery are our priorities.

Businesswise we have new leads coming! Another real estate company from Singapore seeks solutions on how to tokenize their constructions. As you may know, real estate could be the first industry to be disrupted by tokenization. We walk their talk 😉

Really cool project that has approached us is the company from India which develops Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft (VTOL). That would be massive if works out.

Stobox continues to apply for membership in the international associations of trusted venues. There is a lot of activity under the hood in this respect. Our goal is to leverage existing associations in order to build strong relationships with our clients.

Even though there was no major marketing activity last week, there were plenty of small actions taken. We have:

  • Announced Stobox Promotion Competition;
  • Published a press release about cooperation with Amazing Blocks on TheTokenizer Media;
  • Researched token trackers and aggregators to list STBU and requested to Coinranking and Coinpaprika;
  • Finalized a Stobox AMA Session (TBA) with Blockcast community;
  • Researched the best Marketing providers and negotiated about Stobox projects promotion (Dashboard, Crypto Exchange powered by STBU, and DS Swap);
  • Researched new tools for YouTube videos promotion;
  • Contacted 61 Media companies to build a partnership, distribute Stobox activities and leverage Stobox analytical content;
  • Researched podcasts about blockchain and digital securities for potential implementation in Stobox Production;
  • Posted a Stobox Insights video by Borys Pikalov on our YouTube channel and promoted it in Google Ads;
  • Recorded a Stobox Interview with Florian Ducommun (Founding Partner of HDC Law Firm, Founder of Legal Factory, Head of Tokenization at Crypto Valley).

The last block of the report is always about legal and finance. Here we have accomplished 2 complex tasks:

  1. We have updated the Private Placement Memorandum for Stobox STO;
  2. We have finalized our Financial Report for 2020.

Our priority is to launch Stobox STO on the DS Dashboard framework and make sure secondary transactions via DS Swap work correctly. Our team is focused on numerous actions related to our Security Token Offering. We will report accordingly so stay with Stobox!

Have a great week!




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