Stobox Week 39/2020 Report

Technical Development

  • Front-end of the Stobox Dashboard:
    - Refactoring v.2.0;
    - Setting a 2FA Authentication v.1.0;
    - Setting a log in and payments via MetaMask v.1.0;
    - Transferred a blockchain API-code to web3. v.1.0;
  • Created a technical task for the development of a smart-contract for Stobox security token STBX.

Analytics & Business Documentation

  • Completed the Feasibility Assessment report for the Real Estate Company from Switzerland;
  • Finished filling in a pitch deck for Horizon 2020;
  • Completed 15% of the PPM for the Fintech Incubator from the UK;
  • 99% of the Stobox Utility Model Registration completed, to protect Stobox Intellectual Property.

Business Development & Sales

  • Launched STBU trading on ProBit;
  • Received 6 requests on the Stobox website (investors);
  • Received 5 request via the email;
  • New projects in the pipleline:
    - The biggest Real Estate developer from India;
    - Leading Real Estate Investment company from the UK;
    - Organic Farm startup from France;
  • Conducted 4 calls with the potential partners;
  • Created a partnership offer for a Real Estate company from the UK;
  • A new contact in the pipeline from the lead generation process of financial service providers.


Stobox Digital Assets Investment Conference:

Legal and Finance

  • Start analyzing documentation from EU based digital securities Exchange;
  • Start analyzing a partnership offer from Financial Provider;
  • Communicated with 4 potential Legal Assistants.



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Stobox Tokenization

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