Stobox Week 35/2020 Report

2 min readSep 9, 2020


Technical Development

  • Developed front-end for the process KYC passing and updating (v. 0.1);
  • Сreated a smart-contract for STBU Utility Token — issued a token.

Analytics & Business Documentation

  • Created Stobox Onepager to be able to supply counterparties with brief info on us more quickly;
  • Completed a pre-evaluation questionnaire for advisors to complete the Horizon 2020 grant application;
  • Filed an application for Startup Network, which provides access to investors.

Business Development & Sales

  • 3 new projects in the pipeline (Investment Fund engaged in algorithmic and quantitative trading, Private equity firm from CIS country, provider of technology to simplify procedures to banks and wealth managers);
  • Conducted STO Feasibility Assessment for the Fintech Incubator from the UK;
  • Delivered a Stobox Newsletter (78% open rate, 4.4% clicks, 7 responses) to notify the community about our updates;
  • 6 new contacts of financial intermediaries engaged in capital raising, whom we target to offer an innovative fundraising instrument to their clients together;


  • Borys Pikalov gave a speech on Fintech Disruption Summit about exciting opportunities for blockchain as a regulatory technology and how we are building it;
  • Created a new video for Stobox YouTube by Borys Pikalov;
  • Issued an interview on YouTube with Block Relations — learned powerful STO marketing insights for our clients;
  • Completed SEO optimization of Stobox YouTube channel and 27 videos;
  • Published comments of 4 news on Stobox Social Media;
  • Created Stobox WeChat to enhance our presence in Asia;
  • Created a doc with marketing hypothesis (v.1.0) for testing;
  • Obtained agreement to publish our article at TheTokenizer for free due to the high quality of our analytics;
  • Added Chinese and Japanese subtitles for the last Stobox Insights video and Stobox Interview as part of strategy towards Asia;
  • Invited and received a confirmation from Roel Wolfert to conduct a Stobox interview.

Stobox Digital Assets Investment Conference:

Legal & Finance

  • Revised Stobox Service Agreement to make it more acceptable for clients;




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