Stobox RWA Explorer: Phase 2 Kicks Off!

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Welcome to Phase II of the exhilarating Stobox RWA Explorer program! The first phase was met with remarkable enthusiasm, and we have complete confidence that the second phase will exceed all expectations! This is a golden opportunity to join the next bullish trend within the Stobox Ecosystem.

Get Started

As in the previous phase, you must complete a series of quests to claim the coveted Advanced Explorer NFT. These quests come in two types: Required and Optional. The first set of quests is essential for obtaining your NFT, while the optional quests enhance your chances of earning additional rewards and climbing the leaderboard.

🚨 IMPORTANT NOTICE! Only “Beginner Explorer” holders are eligible to access Phase 2 quests. If you haven’t already, complete all Phase 1 quests, claim your NFT, and proceed to Phase 2.

Best of luck to all participants! Let’s make this phase even more extraordinary than the last!

🚀 Start Right Now

Advanced Explorer NFT

Advanced Explorer NFT is the second milestone in our adventure, which will go to really advanced Stobox Ecosystem users who have proven their skills in battle!

Once you have completed all required tasks, including the final “You Made It ⭐️” you will automatically be assigned the Advanced Explorer role in our Discord server and given access to the NFT claim.

  1. Navigate to the Galxe Mint Page and connect your wallet. (Use the Polygon network)
  2. Click “Verify” to let Galxe verify that you have the Advanced Explorer role.
  3. The “Claim” button will be active for you; click on it. Please make sure you have enough MATIC to pay blockchain fees.

Allocated Rewards

The following rewards are reserved for Phase II participants and NFT holders. You may notice that those users who complete additional tasks will receive more benefits; you know what to do with it. 😉

  • 15 000 STBU tokens for the first 30 Advanced Explorer NFT holders
  • 150 000 SOULB tokens for the first 150 Advanced NFT holders
  • Free SBID for the first 100 Advanced NFT holders
  • Free SBID for the Top 250 Zealy Sprint upon completion of Phase 2
  • 250 000 SOULB for the Top 50 Zealy Sprint upon completion of Phase 2
  • Increased multiplier for $SOULB Airdrop [x1: 16]

🏆 Additional rewards pool 350 000 SOULB! Eligibility criteria are to be revealed later. Keep an eye on our Discord server for updates!

We also want to make an update to the multiplier system. There was an incorrect multiplier in the previous announcement, and we apologize for this. Please check the updated information:

  • Standard multiplier [1: 20] — (20 STBU = 1 SOULB)
  • Beginner NFT multiplier [1: 16] — (16 STBU = 1 SOULB)
  • Advanced NFT multiplier [1: 13] — (13 STBU = 1 SOULB)
  • Professional NFT multiplier [1: 10] — (10 STBU = 1 SOULB)

SOULB Token Airdrop

The SOULB Community Token is a compliant digital asset facilitating various transactions and interactions within the Stobox Ecosystem. Serving as a critical component of the ecosystem, the SOULB token offers multiple utilities for its users:

  • A payment method for minting SBIDs
  • A payment method within the Stobox ecosystem
  • Community engagement and activities

👉 Learn more about SOULB token in our comprehensive Whitepaper 2.0

In this announcement, we want to clarify the upcoming SOULB Token Airdrop. Let’s be apparent immediately: SOULB Airdrop and Stobox RWA Explorer are different events with separate reward pools. Participating in RWA Explorer does not require holding STBU; with this program, you can increase your multiplier for the upcoming airdrop and earn rewards in STBU, SOULB, and Free NTT.

As you might already know, SOULB token TGE and listing are planned for the end of August, and in anticipation of that, we’re launching a massive airdrop for STBU token holders! If you don’t own an NFT that increases your multiplier, your rate is 1: 20, which gives you 1 SOULB token for every 20 STBU you hold.

🔑 2 Key rules to qualify

  • Hold at least 10,000 STBU tokens;
  • Hold STBU tokens in your wallet, not on the exchange.

But that’s not all! As we mentioned earlier, all Advanced Explorer NFT holders will have an Airdrop Multiplier of 1: 16, which means that for each 16 STBU tokens, you get 1 SOULB token. Thus, the holder of 100,000 STBU will get 6250 SOULB for free!

About Stobox

Stobox Ecosystem, developed by the Stobox team, represents a significant breakthrough in Web3 technology for regulated and compliant assets, with its robust architecture and four innovative products — DS Dashboard, DS Swap, Soulbound ID, and Progress compliance layer. Stobox has created an ecosystem for issuing, managing, and secondary trading security tokens and tokenizing real-world assets. The ecosystem ensures seamless and secure trading, regulatory requirements adherence, and user transparency. As a result, the Stobox Ecosystem is poised to become a leading solution in the rapidly evolving landscape of tokenized assets, DeFi, and security tokens.

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