Stobox | Q3 2022 Community Report






  • Promotion of community-driven businesses;
  • Digital assets are accessible and manageable for everyone;
  • Promotion of innovation and tech evolution;
  • Simplification of processes.
  1. Product development;
  2. Business development;
  3. Investment relations and financial metrics;
  4. Marketing activities;
  5. Sales and customer delivery;
  6. Crypto activities.

Objective Key Results (OKR)

We have made alterations to the OKR table and plan to meet the targets by the end of 2023.

O-1 — Grow exponentially

Product development

Stobox DS Dashboard

  • Separated environments for issuers and investors;
  • Complete and immutable transaction history;
  • Multi-blockchain support;
  • Advanced smart contracts to ensure compliance;
  • Sleek and glossy UX/UI;
  • Multiple security tokens support;
  • Manual and automatic KYC & AML;
  • On-chain corporate governance;
  • Multiple Security Token Offerings support;
  • Blockchain-based roles and permission management;
  • Atomic swap to ensure instant settlement;
  • Dynamic cap table management;
  • Self-management of the issuer’s profile.
  • Integration with Fireblocks. With the Fireblocks Network, you have access to the entire crypto capital markets ecosystem. Directly connect to over 1,300 of the largest liquidity providers, lending desks, banks, and market makers through the web console or API for instant settlement.
  • Integration with iComply. Institutional grade identity verification & compliance provider. Introduction of Know-Your-Transaction.

DS Swap

Business development

Investment relations and Financial metrics

Key financial highlights for the third quarter of 2022:

  • The company’s revenue amounted to $175,550;
  • The company has Account receivables in the amount of $115k, which, if fully repaid by customers, will significantly improve cash-flow indicators;
  • The company reduced the burn rate by 45–50% and reached the figure of $55k per month, taking into account the costs of marketing and customer acquisition;
  • The company reduced its staff from 65 to 59 people.

Marketing activities

  • Stobox Blog, which contains not only the news of the company’s life but also important information regarding the industry as a whole.
  • Stobox YouTube Channel — a video channel with educational and engaging content on the topic of tokenization and digital assets.
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). In Q3 2022 the CAC is $1,600;
  • Budget for marketing team and activities. The average monthly budget in Q3 was <$10k.
  • Present an updated version of Stobox’s lead product — DS Dashboard;
  • Meet our partners and clients;
  • Conduct the closed meet-up to explore more about tokenization

Sales and Customer delivery


  • Consulting, where the main parameters and features of the future STO project are determined;
  • Legal preparation;
  • Technical implementation;
  • Opening of the secondary market and post-STO support.
  • Standardization of approaches and processes;
  • Simplification of technical implementation and reduction of time for deploying a client.

Client Delivery

  • 7 сonsulting reports;
  • 2 legal research reports;
  • 2 legal drafts doc. packages;
  • 1 project roadmap;
  • 2 business plans;
  • 2 financial models.

Crypto activities




Compliant fundraising solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, investment funds, and real estate developers from an award-winning company.

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Stobox Tokenization

Compliant fundraising solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, investment funds, and real estate developers from an award-winning company.