Stobox Presented Its New Products At One Of the Biggest Blockchain Conferences in Dubai

4 min readMar 31, 2022


Stobox participated in one of the biggest expos and conferences on blockchain, FinTech, and Crypto AIBC Summit 2022, organized by SIGMA. The event took place in Dubai at the end of March.

This year’s conference was twice more significant than the last one and connected more than 9000 market professionals worldwide. At the summit, Stobox’s main goal was to present its three innovative products — DS Dashboard, DS Dashboard PRO, and Progress Chain — and spread the word about the companies’ activities. In the course of two days, Stobox’s stand visited 300 people, all of whom were fascinated both by the companies’ products and philosophy and the blockchain industry in general.

Apart from presenting our products at AIBC, Stobox landed three clients — PLMPVC, a Singapore fintech company, Candela — the company offering luxury villas, and Green Mining Company, which is tokenized via $GMT which represents a company share and ownership of underlying assets.

Stobox had a chance to discuss the benefits of blockchain implementation, the secondary market’s future, and the tokenization industry’s tomorrow with market professionals. An atmosphere like this was one of the biggest incentives for Stobox to start the process of opening a front office in Dubai, which is currently in progress and applying for the local blockchain license. The front office will be a hearth and home of our company; we expect it to be a place to spread and leverage the company’s activities. It will be a considerable step to sharing our perfect knowledge and expertise with the UAE market.

“It was an excellent opportunity for the Stobox to broadcast our activities and introduce us to the UAE region. Each person walking up to our stand, as well as every single company represented at the event that day, gave us a strong feeling the crypto community is currently on its verge and that Stobox will develop at a pace ten times bigger than today’s by this day the next year”, — Ross Shemeliak, Co-Founder and COO at Stobox.

During SIGMA AIBC Summit 2022, Stobox also had productive meetings with Adan Al Noorani, Chairman and CEO at the Private Office Of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, to discuss the expansion of Stobox company in UAE.

With Peter Liam, the CEO of PLMPVC, Stobox Founders discussed the potential leverage of STOs in the Cambodian Market to attract additional funding for the local projects.

Also, Ross Shemeliak and Gene Deyev met Sergei, a Co-Founder of 1inch, and discussed a Progress Chain as well as DEX for the security tokens trading.

With Vasyl Katriy, Co-founder of NT.Payments, we had a chance to talk about STO’s feasible corporate structures.

Among other discussions, Stobox had a meeting with Yana Leonova, a Deputy General Manager, Head of the Future Innovation Summit at The Private Office Of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, and discussed the potential synergies of collaborations concerning our STO, as well as possibilities to join the upcoming event organized by The Private Office.

A part of the Stobox team at AIBC Summit
Gene Deyev with Peter Lim and Asian Partners
With Adrian Sanchez
Ross Shemeliak hosting an interview with Adrian Sanchez from MOMENTUM 3.0 YouTube Channel
Ross Shemeliak inrtoducing Stobox Tokenization Services to the Turkish region
Ross Shemeliak with Adnan Al Noorani Chairman and CEO at The Private Office Of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi
Ross Shemeliak with Vasyl a Co-Founder of NTPayments discussing an STO
Stobox Founders with Peter Lim introducing the STO to Cambodia market
Ross Shemeliak with Yana Leonova a Deputy General Manager, Head of the Future Innovation Summit at The Private Office Of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi
Stobox Founders with our partners PSP Angelss
Together with local friends and partners
Ross Shemeliak with Venus, a Partnership Lead at LBank Exchange
Ross Shemeliak with Kema Bae, an Investor Relations manager at Sinofy Group
Stobox Founders with Kristina, a biz dev manager at Luna PR
With our friend Neill van Rooyen, a Founder of Esavents
With our friend and partner Anny Lian
Stobox Founders with Rodrigo, a Сo-Founder of Candela, exploring Mexican market of luxury real estate
Stobox Founders with Sergei, a Co-Founder at 1inch discussing a Progress Chain
Live work at the Stobox booth
Gene Deyev with Steven Taracevicz, a CEO at Equilibria Networks

It is not the first time Stobox presented the products at SIGMA AIBC Summit. In 2019, the company won the Best Tokenization Platform of the Year award.

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