STOBox Platform — global Security Token issuing platform for alternative investments

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The technological development and the emergence of blockchains have greatly changed the vision of global finance industry. Technological pressure and globalization blurs local boundaries and opens up opportunities for free relocation of investment capital. Investors all over the world wants to invest in high-quality assets. This creates a solid foundation for the emergence of digital assets.

Security Token Offerings are revolutionizing security markets and mitigating most of the problems associated with conventional security trading. The blockchain technology promotes transparency as all trades and ownership records are stored on decentralized ledgers which cannot be tampered with.

STOBox — All-in-one Security Token Platform

STOBox is a turn-key service provider for issuing digital assets or security tokens. The STOBox’s services are centered around the STOBox Platform, which mission is to be a global leading private blockchain platform for issuing, managing and trading (OTC or ATS) of tokenized assets.

The STOBox platform advantages

The key advantage of the STOBox platform is private blockchain, based on Stellar and developed by Distributed Lab™ , which provides high level of tokenized assets safety and still remains transparent and unavailable for forgeries.

Tokenization of assets brings more liquidity to the market given that there are many buyers and sellers of different ranks. Issuers on STOBox Platform can get access to the investors world-wide through Ethereum gateway — tokens are created on platform, transfers to the public blockchain and then trading.

STOBox is the market pioneer that offers a full range of services for Security Token Offering. Business-friendly team conducting all work about STO, providing full support for projects. The team understands a high level of trust in projects that transfer their assets to be represented in a blockchain universe. This is another reason why the platform focused on a private blockchain.

Once the security tokens are emissioned the STOBox Platform lists it on its internal OTC Platform for KYC/AML compliant qualified investors. On the one hand, STOBox Platform allows investors to register, pass KYC and invest in digital assets represented on the platform. On the other hand, projects gets more liquidity.

And last but not the least — STOBox provides a full legal framework for setting up a regulated STO, cooperating with leading legal providers in major international jurisdictions (USA, EU, Asia), providing the best service to clients.


STOBox Platform was founded in 2018 by Gene Deyev and Ivan Bolonikhin. Gene Deyev, CEO is a serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years in IT development with international background. Gene focuses on technologies, stocks and crypto trading platforms, Web 3.0 Experience in several startups
in automotive, financial and technological sectors. Ivan Bolonikhin, COO, has 16 years of entrepreneurial experience. Launched and developed 14 different online and offline projects.

Digital assets — it’s securities tomorrow. We build a platform, where every business can conduct STO without any technical and blockchain experience. We can help to maintain projects and it’s promotion at international markets”, — says Gene Deyev, co-founder and CEO of STOBox Platform.

STOBox also focuses on Asian market as the most innovation-friendly region. Tokenization of assets is completely new industry and asian business environment the most ready for this movement. And most interested in it.

STOBox Inc. is registered in the USA and issues securities in accordance with the requirements of the FINRA and United States Securities and Exchange Commission (Reg D (506c) and Reg S Compliant). STOBox is very serious about issuing a security token, so company ensures that meets all regulatory requirements.

STOBox Platform Security Token Offering

On February 1, 2019, the private sale of STBX tokens starts. To achieve company’s goals, STOBox conducts the sale of it’s digital shares by Security Token Offering for qualified investors. By STO platform provides investors by tokens, which is equivalent to the shares purchase and gives the right to receive dividends and confirm equity ownership. Stock trading will be available after passing a series of legal approvals. More details at Additional information can be find also at STOupdates, STOanalytics, Security Token Market, TokenMarket.

About STOBox Inc.

STOBOX INC. is the “all-in-one” platform, including a platform for issuing security tokens and an OTC-exchange. The platform provides asset and securities tokenization services for technology startups and traditional companies. The company is registered in the state of Delaware (USA) and issues securities that meet the requirements of SEC REG D (506С) and REG S. More information is available on the website




An award-winning tokenization company that provides technology and consulting to help clients leverage digital assets and tokenized securities.


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