Stobox plans to launch L2 blockchain with STBU as native coin

Stobox plans to launch an L2 blockchain with STBU as a native coin. Stobox L2 is an Ethereum parachain proof-of-stake (POS) consensus mechanism network which is optimized for operations with digital securities as well as with traditional crypto.

Stobox L2 implements two native coins:

Transactions on Stobox L2 can be of two types:
🔸 Non-published
🔸 Published

Stobox L2 is optimized for DeFi operations with security tokens as well as with traditional crypto assets. It also allows common users to create liquidity pools and other DeFi operations as on Ethereum, BSC, Solana or others.

The mining economy will be published later this year before the release of the dev net in December 2021 (est.).

😎 Follow the link to learn more about Stobox L2 blockchain on the Stobox Blog —

📣 Contact us at if you plan to become a Stobox L2 node holder and mine STBU coin.

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