🔥 Stobox launches a DAO 🔥

2 min readSep 5, 2022

Stobox is thrilled to announce launching a DAO to provide more power, influence, and special features for the community members.

Do you want to be a part of Stobox and participate in its development? Join the Stobox DAO that runs under its own constitution.

The Stobox DAO constitution is a set of binding rules that determine what governance actions are legitimate for the DAO to take.

Stobox DAO member has a right to:

  • Create Proposals and Vote;
  • Communicate in VIP Private Stobox DAO Members Group and have access to exclusive information and communication with Stobox Management Team;
  • Share thoughts and initiatives with Stobox Founders and Team Members;
  • Examine and participate in STO projects introduced by Stobox;
  • Participate in various investment opportunities initiated by Stobox;
  • Participate in marketing activities and different crypto Initiatives.

Stobox DAO will not enact any proposals with respect to:

  • Company’s tokenization activities;
  • Financial models and revenue distribution;
  • Legal and operational decisions.

The DAO Management encourages and votes for proposals regarding:

  • Stobox Token activities, listings & distribution;
  • Marketing & PR activities;
  • Engagement of influencers and advisors;
  • Fundraising & business development activities.

Stobox DAO. How to become a member and why?

  • Buy & hold at least 300K STBU;
  • Influencers that commit to Stobox growth for more than 3 months continuously;
  • Members that commit to Stobox growth by introducing to new partnerships and clients;
  • Investors to STBX ($10K+)

📝 FILL THE FORM TO APPLY FOR THE STOBOX DAO MEMBER — https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Mjc9kyAko-SUTQpnwIBL7HSdQksg68PpzOdajiVSS0E/viewform?ts=6305f4a0&edit_requested=true

👉 Create Proposals. Vote. Test new features — https://snapshot.org/#/stoboxweb3.eth

👉 Buy STBU — https://www.gate.io/trade/STBU_USDT




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