🚀 Stobox DAO | 1-St Decision List | Sept 2022

2 min readSep 20, 2022

DS Swap Commissions Distribution

On the Stobox DS Swap service, we receive income from trading operations in the form of commissions.

The commission structure is as follows:

0.22% — Liquidity Fee
0.05% — Burn Fee
0.03% — Treasury Fee

The total commission is 0.3% of all trading operations.

Decision: Leave commissions as they are. At the moment, they don’t really affect anything.

STBU Burn Planning

Decision: DS Swap commissions are burnt quarterly.

Periodic Video Streams. Is it a good way to share the updates?

Decision: Periodic video streams can be held, but not as part of mandatory reporting, but optionally and at the discretion of the company’s management.

Periodicity of Investors’ Reporting

Decision: Monthly reports reflect financial performance and progress on operational objectives.

Stobox & DeFi Activities

As you may know, the market of security tokens is highly regulated, and therefore building traditional DeFi products such as security tokens Staking or Farming is not legally secure. Moreover, due to the very low liquidity revenues from activities from security tokens would be minimal, making no economic sense to introduce such DeFi activities for the market of security tokens. At the same time, Stobox is known as a venue with high standards for compliance and regulations. We build products and processes that comply with existing legal frameworks. Having said so, do you think that Stobox DS Swap should have a long-term focus on:

Decision: Mainly Swap for Security Tokens. Stobox’s niche is security tokens and therefore swap of security tokens is a logical focus of the venue. However, we do understand that low levels of liquidity and consequently low demand for Stobox Token. It may take a lot of time until the industry evolves to have substantial TVL on DS Swap.

Engage influencers to promote Stobox services

In your opinion, should influencers engage and support the company attracts new customers, and if so, what commission percentage do you consider acceptable?




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