Stobox became a partner with the first-ever FCA regulated digital securities exchange Archax

As a multilateral trading facility (MTF) Archax is targeted at institutions, and also has its FCA brokerage, custody, and crypto-asset permissions.

Trading securities is fundamentally different from cryptocurrency trading. Regulatory framework requires security tokens to be traded solely on exchanges that hold MTF or stock exchange licenses, which are hard and expensive to obtain. They cannot be traded on regular crypto-exchanges.

Archax is one of the leaders in the tokenization space that managed to get an MTF license in the UK. This is a big step in the global digital securities ecosystem, which further unlocks liquidity for security tokens.

Within our partnership, clients can rely on Stobox comprehensive advisory services and Investment Dashboard for primary sale and on Archax marketplace for the secondary trading. We are currently working on executing Security Token Offerings for the first clients and enabling secondary trading for them within the near future.