Security Tokens: What’s All the Hype About?

There is a new hype in crypto industry — security tokens!

So what’s all the hype about?

Let’s explain their nature, basic features and current trends.

Security Tokens Explained

Equities, shares, digital, security tokens encompass these three elements. A security token is a digital asset that developers offer to customers as a future investment. It works on the principle that the value of the investment would increase in the future.

If a token successfully qualifies as being dubbed as a security token, then it has to comply with the various laws and regulations of the State. Why? For the same reason, IPOs are heavily regulated. That is because they can increase the fortune of consumers in the long run.
Is there a downside? While there is a lot of hype among users of blockchain for security tokens, not everything that is being said is positive. Actually, many companies that are delivering ICOs are trying to find ways to not be classified as a security token.

Why So?

It’s simple. Being classified as a security token comes with a lot of restrictions and regulations. And most of us hate compliance more than anything. These regulations can severely limit the security token regarding who can invest in them and how they can be exchanged. You would think that this is only a drawback for creators. After all, regulations make the asset safer to use, right? This is true. But, it also means that the liquidity of these assets is low, which is a bummer.

Why Should We Care About Security Tokens?

Now, let’s address the hype that surrounds security tokens. Why should we care or invest in this relatively new technology? Why are people excited about it? Here is why — security tokens have been taking the blockchain market by storm.

They are Credible

Don’t get us wrong, ICOs are great. And so are cryptocurrencies. But, no one can deny that the lack of regulation surrounding them can be scary. There is no real sense of accountability when it comes to most ICOs. What makes security tokens different? Well, it is regulated. This means it is much more credible than other ICOs and tokens.

Low-cost Transactions

Let’s face it. All of us would be much happier if we are able to reduce our expenditure without reducing our consumption. For instance, when you want a car, you would want to get rid of the middlemen fee, right? This is what security tokens like an AutoCoin delivered by the AutoBlock provide. In this specific case, you get to purchase automobiles via a safe transaction that is devoid of bank costs. This is the case with all security tokens. They eliminate the need for a bank or a middleman. This, in turn, means that you don’t have to bear the cost of transaction and paperwork! So, you end up getting what you want for a lower price.

Fast Transactions

We live in a fast-paced world. Most consumers would prefer if everything in their life complemented this pace. This includes transaction time as well. Security tokens are able to offer this to its users. How so? Well, it is due to the same reason as a low transaction cost. The lack of middlemen! The fewer people that are in the system, the faster the process will be.

The Sheer Exposure

When you think of securities and stocks, the market you deal with is limited. But, when it comes to security tokens, the world is your oyster. Your customers can be based anywhere in the world. Similarly, you can carry transactions from all parts of the world as well. This, in turn, leads to a lot of investors investing in security tokens. This makes it a lucrative platform for developers.

Final Verdict: Is the Hype Justified?

When you consider the various benefits attached to security tokens, it is easy to understand why they’re gaining popularity. Whether or not it is worth the hype depends on whether it will stay in the long run. Till now, the trends and the potential it has indicates that security tokens will continue to grow. They have a potential of getting into the mainstream markets as well. How long will this process take? Only time can tell. The fact that it is already establishing itself in the automobile industry does show promise.

Let’s see how this technology will evolve. It will be interesting to see if security tokens can truly take the place of equities.




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