Most Notable Cases of Security Token Offering

2 min readFeb 11, 2022


🤔 What are the previous successful cases of Security Token Offerings?

💡 Security Token Offerings (STO) is an innovative fundraising way for companies to raise capital and scale their business. During an STO investors can purchase Security Tokens representing a stake in an external asset or enterprise.

⚡️ Tokenization is versatile and can be applied to different asset classes, such as real estate, company stocks, and even artwork.

Security Token Offerings have already helped several companies in various industries raise millions of dollars. Among them:

🔸 Proxima Media — Proxicoin provides its holders with fractionalized ownership of media produced by Proxima such as TV, film, music, and more

🔸 Societe Generale — a subsidiary of Societe Generale Group, issued a 5-year covered bond directly registered on the Ethereum blockchain

🔸 Aspen Digital — a tokenized real estate offering that gives investors an ownership stake in the St. Regis Aspen Resort

🔸 — a provider of lottery results completed a private funding through the STO platform for the development of their new mobile lottery Dapp

🔸 Nexo — a platform that instantly loans out cash/fiat to users while accepting crypto as collateral issued a token that bears its holders ineterest

📣 Discover how much money these and some other companies managed to raise in the Stobox Infographic.

🔎 Find out more information about Tokenization Case Studies in different fields described in the Stobox blog —!/tfeeds/132073953281/c/STO

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