What are the principles of Shariah compliance and Islamic finance?

🧐 Islamic funds are extremely persuasive subjects of business, at least from the net worth point of view: the assets under their management are constantly growing in value. While their wealth is a carrot in a matter of cooperation with this group of businessmen, the ethics Shariah people comply with is often seen as a stick for the companies adopting European outlook.

💻 Among a wide range of tabooed activities, one of the items on the list is conventional finance, which in general perception spreads to cryptocurrency and tokenization as well. Still, there is a realm in the world of tokenized securities available for Shariah investors to work with.

🔎 Our newest article, “Why security tokens are the only Shariah-compliant crypto instrument”, will tell you about the basics of Shariah compliance, give examples of compliant financial instruments, and explain why security tokens are a white-label solution in terms of engaging in business with Islamic Funds.

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