How does DeFi unleash the potential of tokenized securities?

💰 For investors, a clear vision and precise understanding of how and when exactly they will make profits from putting money in a particular business is a cornerstone of choosing whether or not to invest. Accordingly, these people must understand that the company’s stocks will be possible to trade.

The biggest problem in this pattern is that there is less than 1% of all the companies in the world registered on a stock exchange. But if making a company public is a massive challenge, tokenization, on the contrary, is a solution way more efficient and straightforward. The specific benefit this financial instrument suggests is the protocols of decentralized finance.

🔎 In our newest article, “How does DeFi unleash the potential of tokenized securities?” find out what particular protocols become available with tokenization, what is the function of each particular protocol, and why they are much more favorable than brokers.

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