Discover Stobox: smooth user experience for investors

Your guide to investing with Stobox

The backbone of Stobox platform solution is sophisticated and rather complicated: the underlying features include distributed ledger (DLT), integration with payment systems, compliance layer, KYC provider and multiple other features that took many months of hard work.

But despite this technological complexity, the platform was designed with the intention to make the user experience as simple and intuitive as possible.

In this article, we will guide you through the functionality of the platform, its main sections (dashboard, investment opportunities page, orders marketplace page) and advantages from an investor’s perspective.

Main features: overview

Stobox is created to enable simple yet fully compliant process of investment in tokenized securities: only validated companies with full and transparent information provided.

On Stobox platform you can:

  • pass identity verification
  • get access to investment opportunities that match your legal status and your set criteria
  • invest in chosen primary securities offerings
  • manage your portfolio on the dashboard
  • send and receive funds
  • trade your securities (place an order on a marketplace or choose an order among existing)

This article will guide you through the main features of the platform in a step-by-step way.

Step 1: pass identity verification

When registering on the platform, make sure to securely note down your private key — a unique phrase of 12 words generated for your new account — you will need it later to verify transactions within the platform.

At this point, the only option you’ll have is profile verification, which you have to go through to be able to access all other platform functions. Don’t worry — it’s easy! This is a standard check for investors, but automated and fast.

Verification differs for retail and professional investors, as the latter have to upload more documents that prove their financial viability.

After choosing whether you’re a retail or a corporate investor, you’ll have to fill in the Identity verification form and upload supporting documents, which will be forwarded for the check.

If your identity verification fails, double-check your data for relevance (bad photo quality, misspelling, wrong code). If the problem persists, you will be contacted by a support manager.

Step 2: invest

Once your identity is verified, you will have access to the full functionality of the platform and selected investment opportunities.

In this tab, you can see only those investment opportunities that match your legal status.

You can choose a type of financial instrument that you are interested in (bonds, stocks, funds) or apply advanced filters.

On the page of each offering you will be able to access all the information related to the offering:

  • details of the offering
  • info on the company and the team
  • legal documents
  • company highlights
  • recent news and updates.

When you decide to make an investment, you can do so in a few clicks: reading disclaimers, choosing how much you invest, signing an investment agreement, confirming with your private key and receiving your securities in your account.

Currently, you can only invest in USDT and EURT stablecoins after depositing them on the platform custodian wallet. Use of stablecoins protects issuer and investor form risks related to the fluctuations of the BTC and ETH price. The process of integrating with bank payment systems is lengthy and will take time.

Step 3: monitor your balance

On the dashboard, you can see your current account balance in fiat, crypto and digital securities in a single convenient field.

Here, you can send funds to anyone or create an invoice to receive funds.

Step 4: trade your securities

On the orders marketplace, you can buy and sell your securities. You can place your own order or choose among existing.

When you choose an asset to conduct a transaction with, you will see all available orders with price, quantity and expiration date.

When you choose an order you have to read disclaimers, sign an agreement and confirm the transaction with your private key. The transaction then has to be approved by a broker.

You can also place your own order, specifying the number of securities you are looking to buy or sell, total price or price per unit, accepted currency and expiration date. The order also has to be approved by a broker.

Stobox allows you to invest and trade securities in a compliant and convenient way. Enjoy your returns and the smooth user experience on the platform! Subscribe to our digest “Digital Securities Essentials for Business” to receive the most important news of tokenization industry twice a month in your inbox and stay tuned for Stobox updates.

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