Attention! Fake Stobox pages!

❗️Friends, Stobox team often comes across fake pages that pretend to be us. The more successful a company is, the more fake pages and scammers try to abuse its name. Please pay attention!

We have identified a fake group of our project. You can see it in the first screenshot attached.

Scammers will often use fake domains that include the word “stobox”. We found the fake page on this URL —

Trust only communication from our official domains:


Also, scammers often create fake profiles of our employees and management team. Therefore, remember that the Stobox team will never write to you in private messages and ask you to send us money. We will never ask you to send us anything even to confirm your wallet if you won the giveaway or competition.

In the second screenshot you can find an example of a fake page of our team member.

Pay attention to the doubling of the letter “t” in the nickname!

Please, if you find something similar, report it so that it is blocked.

Subscribe only to Stobox official social media:

Telegram channel
Telegram community chat

If you see a fake page let us know about it at

Stobox team

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