💡 Real Estate Tokenization is a revolutionary technology that allows attracting global capital by reaching thousands of investors online in a cost-effective way.

🏢 Each real estate token represents a piece of ownership in a physical real estate unit — this allows one property to be owned by multiple investors and significantly reduces the investment threshold.

The process of real estate tokenization itself may seem difficult at first, but in fact, it can be broken down into a few simple steps:

🔸 Transfer to SPV
🔸 Securitization
🔸 Tokenization
🔸 Offering
🔸 Post-Offering Maintenance

⚡️ Tokenization of real estate is a great tool to grow the real estate business. Book a 30-minutes free consultation with Stobox tokenization expert to learn how to apply it to your company — https://stobox.io/real-estate

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💡 Security tokens seem to be a term one hears rather often — especially when it comes to a decentralized finance community. Basically, a security token is a new better disguise securities (documents) can now exist in; however, this notion is still often being mixed up.

📰 Our recent article, “All you need to know about Security Tokens: complete guide,” will shed some light on the notion of security tokens and their main ingredients, as well as give a more explicit understanding of how they can be produced and regulated.

🔎 If you’re interested in applying tokenization to your business, subscribe for a free 30-minute consultation: https://stobox.io/tokenization

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⚡️ Gun to our head — we genuinely can’t find any disadvantages in applying tokenization to natural resources businesses. You get liquidity and capital, the investors are satisfied, and the company generally receives a better and more modern image.

💡 Still, if tokenizing a company’s securities seems a more or less understandable task, it’s quite hard to imagine how tokenization would work and benefit a natural resources business. How does it even look like?

📰 Our latest article, “Natural Resources Tokenization: Case Studies,” reveals a variety of compelling cases of tokenizing natural resources.

Stobox tokenomics is based on the principles of demand and supply of Stobox cryptocurrency. Limited supply is based on POS mining activities, whereas organic demand is generated by an increasing number of Stobox users and the exponential growth of the industry in general. …

🧐 Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, aka DAOs, have become a quite widespread thing around the crypto community, and it seems like every new business is taking on this particular organization structuring. We can see more and more news featuring DAO in their headings, which accelerates such structures’ positive image.

⚡️ By the way, did you know that DAOs aren’t only about DeFi and IT communities but can also unite people who fight for cultural narratives or even a group of school parents?

🔎 In our newest article, “DAOs: a new and better way to consolidate people thanks to blockchain,” learn more about the nuances of DAO structuring, its upsides and downsides, legal aspects, and general difference from Daoism.

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