Electricity in the house, just like gas for your car, are inalienable parts of everyday life. While these resources have tremendous worth in and of themselves, they may swiftly increase their economic potential in the form of tokenized assets.

However, starting an energy business is a two-edged sword. While energy mining is crucial for society, it’s tough to start and succeed in such a business due to a number of economic reasons.

Our newest article, “Tokenization of energy business” will tell you about the main challenges the energy industry faces and how exactly tokenization can help solve those struggles.

Security Token Offering is said to be a highly beneficial branch of decentralized finance. A well-run STO makes a company ten times more appealing to investors, provides liquidity, and improves the company’s image by contributing to a more contemporary appeal.

However, general awareness about the possibilities tokenization provides is not that big. A notion of security token offering, just as the decentralized finance industry, are not exactly Oxford’s words of the year.

Our back-to-basics article “Security Token Offering: benefits to markets, issuers, and investors” explains the most fundamental things about the STO: the notion, the benefits, and the challenges of this area.

🧐 The security token market is young but is already making a huge impact in the finance industry. It has a vast community worldwide and is itself a sign of revolutionary changes.

📰 To navigate the industry freely and take the most benefit from tokenization, it would be necessary to comprehend its history. Understanding the historical events and twists will make way for a clearer understanding of where the industry is headed now.

🔎 In our newest article, “History of the STO market,” discover how the security token offering was incepted and what stages of development has the security token market already passed.

📊 The security token world is growing exponentially — 2021 may become the year of the security tokens rise

⚡️ The global listed trading volume of security tokens is expected to grow to $162.7tn by 2030, with a total security token issuance worth more than $4tn in the same period.

🏦 Back in 2009, the emergence of Bitcoin turned out to be a revolution in the realm of finance. While electronic payments were also gaining momentum in the 2010s, decentralized finance started to arise as well: starting 2017, we have security tokens and even the prototypes of NFT.

📣 However, it’s not Bitcoin, commodities, or stocks an average person deals with in their everyday routine — it’s cash. Of course, the development of blockchain technologies couldn’t influence traditional finance and fiat currency. The products emerging from the idea of combining the national currency and blockchain technologies are more commonly known as stablecoins and CBDCs.

🔎 Will CBDC and stablecoins become the next cash? What is the difference between them, and what is more likely to be massively adopted? Read our newest article, “The future of cash: Stablecoins vs. CBDC,” to find out.

Two weeks ago, the Dubai watchdog approved new regulations for investment tokens. This is certainly a big change the securities market is going through, which has not remained unnoticed.

While the industry beholds how the UAE is not only becoming an attractive jurisdiction but also raises its demand in regulating the securities, Stobox founders Gene Deyev and Ross Shemeliak went straight to the hotspot to capture the moment.

In our newest piece, “Stobox in Dubai: Events, Achievements, and Next Steps” read about the updates by Stobox, our anticipations, and closest plans for the future.


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