🔎 Check the latest and the most important company updates in the Stobox Weekly Report — https://stobox.io/blog/stobox-weekly-report-18-2021

😉 Don’t hesitate to leave your feedback in the comments or in our group.

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😎 Keys Management system for the Stobox Exchange will be provided by a professional team from Tatum.io — a widely recognized blockchain infrastructure!

🔎 Check Stobox Weekly Report to find out more information about all company updates — https://stobox.io/blog/stobox-weekly-report-172021

#Stobox #STBU #STBX #StoboxExchange #blockchain #digitalassets #digitalsecurities

🔍 Сheck out all the details herehttps://stobox.io/blog/stobox-announces-the-start-of-voting-and-future-listing-on-gateio

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🤩 Read Stobox Weekly Report to find out the updates about Stobox Exchange

Within the next 2 weeks sprint we plan to launch an internal beta to start testing registration/login and order management. So, follow the updates to be aware of the news!

🔎 More information here — https://stobox.io/blog/stobox-weekly-report-16-2021

Join Stobox and become a shareholder by participating in the Stobox Security Token Offering.

Don’t hesitate to leave your feedback in the comments or in our group.

#Stobox #STBU #STBX #StoboxExchange #blockchain #digitalassets #digitalsecurities

74% of our community voted for setting up STBU on BSC, therefore we are starting the development process.

Shifting towards BSC would benefit Stobox in many aspects:

♦️ More liquidity

♦️ Lower GAS

♦️ Adding BSC to #StoboxExchange

♦️ Opening new community

👉Check more details here — https://stobox.io/stobox-token-will-be-launched-on-bsc

🚀 Stobox updated DS Dashboard to provide more security.

This week, we signed a partnership agreement with the Digital Finance Association and started working together with the Ukrainian dev company as part of the Stobox team to speed up technical development.

🔎 Follow the link to find more updates — https://stobox.io/stobox-weekly-report-14-2021

Farmland Assets is engaged in acquiring prime agricultural land to harvest and sell internationally profitable crops and they are going to raise between $20 million and $30 million in a security token offering supported by Stobox.

The goal of the offering is to expand the business by purchasing more agricultural land at attractive prices and setting up farm operations.

👉 Follow the link to our blog to find out more — https://stobox.io/farmland-assets-will-conduct-security-token-offering-powered-by-stobox

Stobox Ox merchandise collection is a symbiosis of new fashion and old symbols of success, luck, and wealth.

There will be 2 types of merch:
👉 Collectible NFTs are a limited edition created in the form of a tradable/redeemable NFT that you can only win. We will later announce Stobox Ox NFT activities.

👉 Original series can be bought on the website. We accept only Stobox Token (STBU) as a payment for the merchandise. The delivery of the merchandise is planned for June 2021.

More information about the merch in our blog — https://stobox.io/lucky-ox-nft-merch-collection

Now, together with the leaders of the industry such as Bitfinex, Ernst & Young, Filecoin, ConsenSys, Chainalysis and Tether, Stobox will contribute to the industry and create new market standards, promote tokenization by participating and sharing the insight as well as the analytics in the global process of creating standards for tokenization service providers.

🔎 Check a full version of the press release on our website — https://stobox.io/stobox-joins-global-digital-finance

Let’s imagine, you are successful (sounds crazy, I know). You founded a company, raised some money, started growing more and more. Now with that success, you are probably thinking about the holy grail of all businesses — initial public offering, going public on a stock exchange. But as it is said “with great power comes great responsibility”, and being a public company creates new problems and challenges. In this article, you will find certain non-obvious pros and cons of being a public company outside of simply “cashing out” that will help you in making a more informed decision or at least will entertain and educate if you do not belong to an elite caste of pre-IPO founders…

Check the full version of the report on the our website — https://stobox.io/blog/corporate-law-cost-of-equity-crucial-ipo-nuances-to-consider


Compliant fundraising solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, investment funds, and real estate developers from an award-winning company.

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