As reported by the World Bank, there are 150 million enterprises globally, but only 600,000 are publicly traded — in total, this is less than 0.5% of all the shares globally.

There is a reason that so few corporations trade their stocks, which is the massive cost of such a procedure. Making an initial public offering on a stock market to allow investors to sell your shares is a must. The cost of going public varies by nation and is determined on a case-by-case basis. Annual compliance cost excluded, a modest IPO in the United States costs $7.3 …

Transferring the business to blockchain seems like a huge and complicated decision. The procedure isn’t widespread knowledge, and at first, it may seem there are way more milestones than there actually are. Moreover, the benefits of the process seem unclear as well. So what is the reason to conduct it?

Tokenization refers to a set of technological and legal procedures for transferring asset ownership rights to a blockchain. Tokenizing the company stocks, for instance, is believed to enhance liquidity and is also a great tool to make the whole process way more convenient both for investors and business owners. …

📢 Stobox has closed 2 new deals! 2 more STOs are in the pipeline!

💼 We have also released Stobox DS Dashboard v2.0 and developed the ETH=>BSC Bridge

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🏄‍♂️ Our team is one last step from the Beta Launch of #StoboxExchange in the next 2 weeks

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💥 Stobox announces the launch dates of Stobox Exchange!

♦️ June 10–15 — Closed Beta Testing
♦️ June 20–25 — Beta Launch & Bug Bounty
♦️ July 1–10 — Stobox Exchange Opening

⚡️ Also, we are finalizing the ETH<>BSC bridge development

Сheck out the details in the Stobox Weekly Report —

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Real estate tokenization is an entirely new option that allows existing properties to be monetized and sold to investors worldwide.

Asset tokenization platforms create blockchain-based tokens that represent a piece of real estate ownership, making it easier for smaller investors to invest in real estate. It encourages investing in historically significant properties or high-end resorts. In a decade or two, trillions of dollars are expected to be tokenized.

This brand new technology raises many questions among real estate developers. …

😎 Within the next 2 weeks, Stobox plans to issue the Stobox Exchange release plan, which includes dates of the beta launch, bug bounty, and marketing activities.

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🧐 Ethereum blockchain is a platform where many digital assets are based. All such products are commonly known under the term “token”.

There are as few as three types of tokens:

🔸 Security (ownership);
🔸 Utility;
🔸 Non-fungible, aka collectible, tokens.

Basically, this is the complete list.

If you would like to take a closer look at the difference between the three main types of tokens, have a deeper understanding of their purpose, and the use cases of implementing them into different business models, follow the link to our recent article 👉 “Tokenization taxonomy. Utility Tokens vs Security Tokens vs NFT” on Stobox blog.

🔎 Check the latest and the most important company updates in the Stobox Weekly Report —

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😎 Keys Management system for the Stobox Exchange will be provided by a professional team from — a widely recognized blockchain infrastructure!

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